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  • Kodi Collection
    Auspicious Kodi with Stone mugappu
    Weight: 40.000g
    Design No:KD003
    Design Code:ASKD
  • Mugappu Collectio...
    Auspicious Stone Mugappu
    Weight: 10.000g
    Design No:MU001
    Design Code:ASMU
  • Kodi Collection
    Auspicious Coin ThaliKodi with Mugappu
    Weight: 114.000g
    Design No:KD004
    Design Code:ASKD
  • Pathakkam Collect...
    Mini pathakkam studded with red stone and pearl
    Weight: 24.000g
    Design No:PK001
    Design Code:TRPK
  • Savadi Collection
    Studded Flower design Savadi
    Weight: 16.000g
    Design No:SV001
    Design Code:TRSV
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